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Circuit court hears cases against free negroes & slaves, 1853

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The Circuit Court.

The present is the fourth week that the Circuit Court for this County has been in session, and the probability is, that it will continue at least another week. An unusually large amount of criminal business has engaged the attention of the Court, and there is still a good deal of it on the docket. One person has been convicted of murder in the first degree, and six of larceny and other Penitentiary offences, whilst there are yet several others in prison awaiting their, trials, one of whom (Anderson) has been indicted for murder. The following is a list of the State Cases which have been tried since our last report of proceedings :—
State vs. Mary Ellen Thomas. (free negro.)       Indictment for murder—Trial and Verdict Guilty of Murder in the first degree.— Harbine for the State—Gaither and Price for Defendant.

Same, vs. Isaac Rowland Presentment for selling Liquor on the Sabbath day —submitted, and judgment guilty. Fined $20 and costs. Harbine for the State—Smith for Defendant.

Same, vs. Henry Smith Indictment for assault and battery on a small boy about, 10 years old. Submitted on plea of Guilty. Judgment that he pay a fine of $25. Harbine for the State—Alvey for Defendant.

Same, vs. Jacob Long Indictment for stealing a Horse, the property of Morgan Hurley. Trial and Verdict not Guilty. Harbine for the State— Spencer and Brannan for Defendant.

Same, vs. Edward King (free negro) Indictment for assault and battery with intent to commit murder. Trial and Verdict- Guilty. Harbine for the State—Syester and Macgill for Defendant.

Same, vs. John Gray (free negro) Indictment for assault and battery, with intent to murder. Submitted to the Court on plea of not Guilty—insanity alleged. Judgment not Guilty. Harbine for the State—Freaner for Defendant.

Same, vs. Ann Catharine Henson (free negro.) Indictment in three several charges of felony. Verdict Guilty in each. Harbine for the State—Gaither and Brannan for the Defendant.

State, vs. Benjamin Herding(negro slave.) Indictment for assault and battery with intent to commit murder. Trial and Verdict not Guilty. Harbine for the State— Hamilton &. Alvey for Defendant.

Same, vs. Alfred Howard (free negro.)Indictment in several cases of felony, in stealing sundry articles of clothing from the students at the College of St. James. Submitted to the Court on a plea of not Guilty in each case, and Judgment Guilty in each. Harbine for the State—Schley and Freaner for Defendant.

In addition to the above, a trial between Messrs. Blackford and Douglass about some land, which occupied the Court two days of last week, was disposed of by the rendition of a verdict for the former. On Saturday afternoon, the case of Hess vs., Newcomer and Emmert—an action of damages— was taken up, and is still progressing at the present writing.


Herald of Freedom & Torch Light


Collection Location:

Slaves, Western Maryland

Western Maryland, 1800-1864

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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