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March 12 1862 - Contributions for sick soldiers.

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The Ladies Union Relief Association of this town has been actively engaged during the present winter in relieving the wants and ministering to the comfort of the sick soldiers in our midst. The Association has in this way done a vast amount of good, and many a poor sick soldier will doubtless in after years remember with gratitude the kind attention he received from the ladies of Hagerstown while languishing and suffering on his bed of sickness. The ladies request us to publish the following list of articles, which comprises the total amount of contributions received and distributed by them up to the present time:—

Mrs. D. C. H. 1 pair blankets, butter and soap; mrs. J. R. 5 yds canton flannel; mrs. D. C. 2 pair canton flannel drawers; mrs. B. can of peaches; mrs. J. S. 2 glasses of jelly, 1 pair feather pillows; mrs. H. wine and jellies; Mrs. S. jellies; mrs. F. jellies; mr. W. H. 12 yds chambre for comforts, 12 yds muslin for pillow cases, 6 yds of diaper for towels; mrs. G. R. B. calico for comfort and 1 comfort; mrs. T. A. B. 1 comfort; miss M. B. 1 comfort; miss N. R. 1 comfort; miss L. Z. 5 yds canton flannel; mrs. D. H. 2 pair drawers. 1 shirt, 1 pair socks; mrs. J. B. M. 4 glasses of jelly, 2 comforts; mrs. J. L. S. 6 cuts yarn; mrs. G. 1 pair yarn socks; mrs. W. H. 2 pair drawers; mrs. F. 1 jar cherry preserves; mrs. P. bundle linen for lint; mrs. D. W. 1 comfort, 1 feather pillow and case; mr. B. 1 cot; mrs. M. M., Franklin Co., 3 comforts, 1 pair feather pillows, 1 pair pillow cases, 4 canton flannel shirts. 1 pair yarn socks; miss A. F. 4 cuts yarn; mrs. Z 1 comfort, 2 blankets, 4 tumblers jelly, 7 ½ pounds of soap; mrs. 8. 2 lbs. hard soap; mrs. H. 1 lb. yarn, 1 cot, 1 bed tick, 1 bat of cotton, 9 yds bed ticking, 4 pair mittens; miss M. B. 2 pair stockings; mrs. S. A. B. 2 pair stockings; mrs. M. 2 cuts yarn, 2 lbs soap; miss F. S. 3-pair socks, 1 coverlid; mr. S. O. 4 cuts of yarn; mr. W. H. 10 yds calico for comfort; mrs. R. S. 1 jar raspberries, 2½ lbs pudding, 5 ½ of sausage ; mrs. R. H. 1 coverlid; mrs. G. 6 yds calico; miss P. S. 2 pair of slippers ; miss B. E. pair of slippers: mr. P. L. 2 camp stools; mrs. S. 4 cuts yarn ; mrs. C. C. 2 pair stockings; miss M. R. 2 pair stockings; mrs. S. 1 pair socks ; mrs. R. S. 3 cuts yarn ; mrs. R. M. hair pillow ; mrs. B. 2 pair socks; mrs S. L. 8 yds muslin; mr. M. L. B. 1 cot, 2 camp stools; mrs. S. M. 1 cot, 1 bed, 1 pair drawers ; miss L. M. 1 pair drawers, lot spool cotton, tape and buttons; miss E.N. S. 1 paper cornstarch, 1 paper farina, two doz. eggs; mrs. J. Mc. 1 chicken, half peck dried fruit; mrs. J. S. 2 comforts; mrs. W. M. M. 3 undershirts; mrs. K. 1 lb. corn starch, 6 lbs. butter; mrs. B. of Funkstown, 2 chickens; from Chewsville, 8 pair drawers, 2 pair socks, 6 pillows, 5 comforts; mrs. K. 4 lbs. butter; mrs. S. L. 2 lbs. butter, 1 jar plum butter, 4 glasses jelly; mrs. S. B. 2 lbs. butter; mrs. E. M. cranberries.

Money Contributed.—mr. B. F. H. $1; miss R. R. $1; mrs. J. S. $1; mrs. H. E. $1; mrs. A. H. M. 50c ; mrs. J. W. 50c ; rev. mrs. L. 50c ;— mrs. B. G. 50; mrs. S. Y. 50c; mr. W. R. 30c; mrs. R. S. 50c ; miss C. 25c ; mrs. VV. S. 25c ;— mrs. C. G. L. §2 ; mr. L. 50c ; mrs. M. 50c ; mrs. J. E. R. 50c ; mrs. J. S. $1 ; mr. J. W. 25c; mr. J. E. M. 50c; mrs. L. 50c; mr. K. 30c; mr. S. 25c; mrs. 0. S. 50c; mr. F. F. 25c; mr. S. O. 50c; mr. J. W. B. 25c; mr. J. T. R. 25c; mr. S. 15. R. 50c; mrs. J. K. 25c; mr. P. N. 25c ; mrs. D. Z. 50c ; mrs. S. F. 25c; mrs. H. K. T. 40c;— miss E. A. 25c ; mr. VV. S. 25c ; mrs. S. A. 25c ; mr. F. A. H. $1 ; mr. J. K. $2; mr. S. J. R. $1; mr. D. C. H. $1; mr. H. K. T. 50c; mr. V. $1 ; mr. J, A. F. $1 ; mrs. J. H. 50c; mr. E. M. M. $1; mr. P. S. $5; mr. B. F. K. $1; mr. G. R. B. $1; mr. S. V. $1; mr. G. S. M. $1; mrs. P. B. S. §1; mr. F. J. P. $1; Lieut. R. H. M. 50c; mr. R. 50c ; mrs. F. J. P. 50c ; mrs. S. 50c ; mrs. R. W. 25c; mr. J. A. 50c; mr. McD. 50c; miss H. 25c ; mr. J. B. T. 25c; mr. J. E. T. 25c; miss L. S. 25c; mr. P. L. $1 ; mrs. J. H. $1; mr. G. F. 50c; mr. G. W. W. 50c ; mr. P. E. 25c; mr. W. M. 25c; mr. E. G. 25c; mr. D. Y. 25c; mr. H. K. 25c; mr. W. 25c; mrs. D. R. 20c; mr. C. 50c; mr. S. B. 25; mrs. C. S. $1; mr. E. F. $1; mr. H. W. 50c; mr. J. Me. I. 50c; mrs. L. 25c; mrs. J. B. 50c; mrs. N. R. 25c; mrs. G. C. $1; mr. W. B. 25c; miss S. T. $1; mr. M. S. B. $1. To cash $6.75.

As stated in our last, there are now an unusually large number of sick and helpless soldiers in the County Hall, who stand greatly in need of relief from all loyal and charitably disposed persons.— When they were brought here the accommodations provided for them were not adequate to their wants, and but for the aid extended to them by the citizens of the town, and especially the worthy members of the above association, their sufferings would have been greatly augmented. These men are fighting for the safety of our Government and our firesides, and it behooves every friend of law, order and a united country both in town and county, to do all in his power to render them as comfortable as possible in their present afflictions.


Herald of Freedom & Torch Light


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Hagerstown (Md.), Newspapers; Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865

Washington County (Md.), 1861-1865

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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