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Frostburg United Methodist Church (150th anniversary, 1835-1985)

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Frostburg United Methodist Church's origins go back to the beginnings of Frostburg itself, early Methodists having been among the region’s foremost pioneers. Then known as Mt. Pleasant because of the scenic beauty of its 2200-foot plateau, the town could boast of three houses by 1800 and seven by 1823. The 1812 opening of the National Road, passing through Frostburg, brought with it a flood of traffic pouring over the new roadway, including droves of cattle, hogs and sheep, and gave the impetus for development of a town of somewhat greater pretensions. In the years following 1820, development of the Maryland coal fields in and around Frostburg, completion in 1842 of the B & O Railroad to Cumberland, the C & O Canal to that city in 1850 and the C & P rail line to Frostburg in 1852 (the latter, to expedite the transportation of coal to Cumberland) stimulated the economic development and population growth of the region. Frostburg grew accordingly, and along with it came the growth of Methodism in the area.

The First Methodist Church. Frostburg area Methodists formally organized their church in 1832. in the absence of a church building, they had held worship services in a log structure referred to affectionately as "the Old Neff Meeting House," located near the east end of Frostburg (at a now lost location, supposedly near Eckhart) and used jointly by several denominations at the time. The Methodist Episcopal Church was then a part of the old "Allegany Circuit," on which itinerant Methodist clergymen would ride to conduct services, often in log meeting houses in such places as Cresaptown, Mt. Savage, Oldtown, Flintstone and other towns as well as Frostburg. The number of Methodists served by this circuit was between 500 and 800 persons in 1840.

With Frostburg Methodists strong enough to desire their own building, from 1832 to 1835 they planned and constructed the first Methodist Church in Frostburg. In 1834 trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, then still meeting in the Old Neff Meeting House, arranged with Isaiah and Sarah Frost for purchase of the land on which our present church stands at a cost of $100.00. In 1835 construction of a small stone structure, the first of three Methodist buildings on this property, was complete. Though not much


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Anniversary Committee, Frostburg United Methodist Church


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28 x 22 cms

Frostburg (Md.); Frostburg (Md.), History; United Methodist Church (U.S.), History. .

Frostburg (Md.), 1835-1985

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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