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April 9 1862- Thanks to ladies of Hagerstown

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Court House Hospital, Hagerstown Md.,
April 7th, 1862.

Ladies of Hagerstown:—

As the Third Brigade Hospital is about to be consolidated with the Division Hospital at Frederick, and consequently the inmates of the Hospital are to be transferred from this town to that city, it may not be improper at this time to notice publicly your many acts of kindness and generosity toward all the patients and attendants at the Court House Hospital. A very great majority of the hospital inmates saw stirring times as well as withstood great hardships in being moved from Hancock to this town. Taken from the Baptist Church Hospital situated 3 miles north of Hancock village, they were conveyed in four wheeled ambulances and Government wagons to the Canal in the night over the roughest road ever trod by human being, and placed in a filthy Coal Boat, in which they were conveyed to Williamsport, where wagons were again put into service in conveying them to this hospitable town. The hardships and sufferings of that journey will ever be present in the minds of all those afflicted by disease, as well as those who assisted in providing as far as possible for the comforts of the unfortunate patients. Tired, hungry and exhausted, the patients and attendants arrived in your town where they found tolerably good accommodations in the splendid Court House, erected for County purposes, but providentially capable of affording sick patriots a resting place. You soon learned the situation of the unfortunate defenders of the Constitution, and without delay set yourselves to work to administer to their comforts, and to supply them with such wholesome food as the Government never furnishes. Your interest and efforts in the good cause have not lagged as one week after another has elapsed, but increased as time progressed. For your many acts of kindness the patients and attendants return you their heartfelt thanks. They will hold you in grateful remembrance when they are enduring patiently the hardships peculiar to soldier life, and when they, after returning to their loved homes, sit with warm friends around the home table loaded with everything the heart could wish or appetite crave.

Notwithstanding all the efforts of the Surgeon in charge, and your extreme kindness, seven have died from the effects of the terrible journey from Hancock and the fearful ravages of that army dreaded disease, the Typhoid Fever.

Hagerstown will ever be remembered by that portion of the American soldiery (who have been permitted to sojourn within its corporation,) because of your generosity and extreme kindness. Ladies, rest assured you will ever be held in grateful remembrance by the American Soldiery,

E. McArthur,
Hospital Steward.


Herald of Freedom & Torch Light

The reference to transporting injured soldiers from Hancock to Williamsport by canal boat may refer to those injured in the skirmishes in Hancock earlier in the year.


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Hagerstown (Md.), Newspapers; Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865

Washington County (Md.), 1861-1865

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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