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B&O Round House display

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and were attired in a neat uniform consisting of read shirts and white caps. With them were two exhibits on wheels showing the nature of their work. One was a complete full-sized model of a puddling furnace of wood, painted into an excellent imitation of iron and fire-brick. On it was force of puddlers engaged at work. The other representation was of blooms of hot and cold iron, as it comes from the furnace. Following the puddlers came the machinists and engineers, 25 in numbers, un-uniformed, but carrying various implements, such as wrenches, hammers, etc. Then came the bar mill men under Richard Rowley, bass of that department, as marshal. They numbered in all about 150 and wore a costume of blue shirts and white caps. The 16-inch men came first and following them, was a display of bar iron and girders. Then came the men from the 8 and 12-inch mills. An exhibit from the plate mill was the next attraction, followed by a delegation from that department, 40 men, in blue shirts, under Louise F. Miller, marshal. Seventy laborers in white shirts and caps, completed the mill display.

The following letter accounts for the absence from the parade of John C. Davis;


Wm. Robinson, Esq.,
Sup’t Rolling Mills:

Dear Sir – When I left you on Saturday I fully expected that I would have been with you, to have participated in the parade at Cumberland to-morrow, but I find I will not be able to do so. Please express my regrets to the men and say to them that I trust they will have a pleasant time, and that everything will result to their credit, as well as to that of the company.
Yours truly,
J.C. DAVIS, Assistant to President.


Edward Burton, Marshal.

The round house display came next. One of the most unique and fantastic features of the display was the round house locomotive or what passed very well for a counterfeit presentment of one. Upon the running-gear and wheels of a big heavy wagon was built under the direction of Master Mechanic Maxwell and General Superintendent Burton what could not rightfully be called the caricature of an engine, for the imitation was a fair copy of a real locomotive. Looking at the long boiler jacketed with iron, the main rods and crossheads, the cylinders and steam chasis with oil cups, the sand box and regular standard stack, the cab with engineer A.G. Shuck manipulating the throttle, gauge-cocks and reverse bar (used, by the way as a break), with fireman James Smith ringing the bell and sounding the whistle – one would scarcely fancy that it was not a genuine engine “flocking” along by itself. In fact, as engine 907 is being rebuilt at the shops much of her material was used, the entire




Collection Location:
Cumberland, Maryland

Complied by Theodore Luman

Society of the Army of West Virginia; United States. Army. Dept. of West Virginia; Cumberland (Md.)--History; Reunions

Cumberland (Md,), 1884

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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