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Warren glass works, Coal cars, Heavy wagons

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superstructure weighting 3600 lbs. Her number, 1084, was given by Mr. J. C. Davis, Assistant to the President, while on a recent visit to the city in company with Master of Machinery A. J. Cromwell. The vehicle was pulled by four powerful horses, and towering along with its high stack it looked as portentous a monster as that which passed over the broken walls of Troy.

Following the engine were 75 of the round house men in blue overalls and blue shirts. They marched nicely and presented a neat and jaunty appearance. Behind these came 35 other employees in citizen’s dress.

Ahead of the line was carried, the handsome banner, made of the sesqui-centenial celebration in Baltimore.


A highly creditable exhibit was made by this establishment. The adult employees to the number of 40, dressed in navy blue shirts and black pants marched in a battalion of four ranks, followed by a company of boys 35 in number dressed in white shirts and black pants. The men and boys carried various devices in glass, mostly short rods of fancied designs.

       COAL CARTS.
L. P. Whiteman, Marshal.

The coal cart display was a neat one. H. Flury & son, J. N. M. Brandler and G. M. Rawlings had coal and wood carts. E. J. Edwards had a coal cart and Coulehan Bros. Had a coal wagon. All the carts and wagons were filled and Coulehan Bros. Wagon bore a lump weighing 4,100 pounds. The horses and vehicles were all richly decorated.

J. D. Landwehr and Wm. Kornhoff, Marshals.

There were 31 wagons in this division. They were as follows:

P. Hein & co., lumber dealers and builders, had a striking exhibit. The body of their wagons surmounted by balustrade work in various patterns, all of them equally neat. Upon the wagon was a scroll saw, a lathe, and a picket machine, which was in full operation on the line of the march and the products of which were distributed to the lookers on. The power was furnished by belting around drums skillfully attached below. The wagon was neatly decorated.

Lippold & Co., stone works, wagon with six men working in stone.

Cumberland Cement Company; their wagon was filled with barrels and three Coopers in the traditional caps were busy turning out more.

Landwehr & Co., Cumberland builders, had a fine exhibit. Their wagon was lofty and was of plain, light wood, there having been no paint used. All over the sides were worked




Collection Location:
Cumberland, Maryland

Complied by Theodore Luman

Society of the Army of West Virginia; United States. Army. Dept. of West Virginia; Cumberland (Md.)--History; Reunions

Cumberland (Md,), 1884

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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