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September 3, 1862 - Company H, 6th Maryland Regiment

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This Company, recruited by Lieut. Small, and which left Hagerstown last week, was mustered into Service as company H. of the 6th Maryland Regiment, Col. HOWARD. Immediately after it was mustered in, a committee of gentlemen of this town, consisting of Messrs. PETER B. SMALL. RICHARD SHECKLES, JOHN G. KNODE, W. D. LEVY, F. DORSEY HERBERT and SAMUEL L. KING, on behalf of the patriotic citizens of this county, presented to each officer a splendid sword and to each private one hundred dollars bounty, S. L. KING, Esq., the last named of the committee delivering to each of the officers an appropriate address as the swords were handed over to them. The members sent a large proportion of their bounty money to their relatives and friends at home, of which we shall give a detailed account hereafter.

The following is a list of the Company:-—
Captain, Adam B. Martin,
1st Lieut. Melville R. Small,
2nd James H. C. Brewer.
1st. Serg’t. James A. Robinson,
2nd John R. King,
3rd Adam Shank,
4th Alexander Leeds,
5th. Thomas E. Koontz,
1st Corp’ral John C. Barkdoll,
2nd Peter E. Kiser,
3rd Wm. Crissinger,
4th. Charles Smith,
5th. Stephen G. Martin,
6th. Ferdinand H. Bikle,
7th. John Moore,
8th. Daniel B. Reynold.

Jacob H. T. Adams,
John Adams,
Lewis L. Bachtell,
Amos Brandenburg,
Harrison Bridendolph
Leonard Britweser,
Andrew S. Bonebrake
Salmon I Brown,
James Clay,
William Ditlow,
Amos Davis,
John C. Eakle,
John I. Flory,
Daniel W. Flory,
Benjamin Flory,
Lewis Flory,
Columbus Flory,
Henry F. Fishack,
Jeremiah Fishack,
John Flerkenstine,
Geo. W. Fogler,
Luther Fogler
Frisby Fisher,
George W. Gans,
Joseph H. Garrish,
George F. Gossard,
Elias Gonker,
Joseph W. Gouker,
Geo. W. Grim,
Abraham Grove,
James H. Harne,
James Hanes,
Freeland Hickman,
Jacob Hovis,
Samuel Houser,
Hezekiah Irvin,
Daniel Jackson,
George B. Jennings,
Patrick H. Jennings,
William Jones,
John J. B. Justice,
Patrick King,
Wm. H. King,
George Kough,
James M. Lowry,
Charles A. Lowry,
John M. Martin,
William Masters,
George Masters,
Charles Miller,
Levi Miller,
James McKenna,
Wm W. Moore,
Jacob Newcomer,
Jos. G Norfoard,
John Penner,
George F. Pickett,
George C. Reynold,
Amos Reynold,
David Rife,
John D. Sweitzer,
George W. Siccore,
Andrew J. Sites,
Abraham Sidenstriker
Abraham Stoner,
Jacob C. Studenwalk,
Samuel B Sterling,
John H. Shields,
Michael Thomas,
Daniel Watson,
George A Weagly.
Henry Young.


Herald of Freedom & Torch Light


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Hagerstown (Md.), Newspapers; Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865

Washington County (Md.), 1861-1865

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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