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Centennial Times -June 7 1862 - Mail rebuked by Herald

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June 7 1862 -

Mail’s Pro-Southern Views Assailed By Herald Here

The following editorial was printed in the Herald and Torch on May 14, 1862:

THE MAIL'S COURSE — The editorials and selections in the Mail have but one object in view, and that is to alienate the sympathies of those who read them from the National Government. No impartial mind can fail to perceive that the mental pabulum upon which week after week it feeds its readers is full of ill concealed hatred for the Union, nor that it is prepared and administered in such a way best adapted to the end in view. What can a paper, printed in this peaceful, happy and prosperous county, mean by quoting every infamous or senseless expression that may fall from the lips of an ultra Congressman or editorial tirade against slavery that may appear in a fanatical paper, if the object is not to convince the people that their grievances are so great that they ought not to submit to them? This is the course that Yancey pursued as far back as ten years ago to fire the Southern heart and prepare it for Secession, and if we are not very much mistaken, like causes are supposed to produce like effects anywhere.

What if a knave or fool does say that “Union is a covenant with death and an agreement with Hell.” Must it, forsooth, be re-printed in the Hagerstown Mail? And if so, why? Ah! the purpose, though concealed, is too evident to be misunderstood. It is to manufacture a disloyal sentiment where there is none, as well as covertly to justify it where it exists, and excuse it where it has trampled underfoot the flag of our common country and scourged to death those who would not foreswear allegiance to that honored insignia. Whenever a fanatical Abolitionist utters a sentiment which is particularly obnoxious to the loyal men of the border states, it is sure to find its way into the columns of the Mail, or be rolled as a sweet morsel under the tongue of every foul-mouthed secessionist in the county. What is this, if it is not to shake the loyalty of our people and foment a spirit of discontent? If the design is not at some convenient season to plunge the State into revolution and bring upon the heads of its people the direful consequences which such a remedy has produced further South, why continually parade before their eyes, with a sort of fiendish glee, what this fanatic or that madman may say about the institution of slavery?

No matter what the extremists may do, rebellion is a remedy for nothing complained of; and yet this is the remedy of those with whom the Mail sympathizes. Nor can there ever be such a thing as a peaceful separation of a state from a general government. Let our good people remember this, and if they would maintain their present patriotic and happy relations with that government, let them beware how they give ear to the overwrought stories of Abolition aggressions, which the Mail and others of that ilk love to circulate and dwell upon.


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Used with permission of the Herald-Mail


Collection Location:
Hagerstown, Maryland

Original Size:
59 x 33 cms

Washington County (Md.), history; Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862; Sharpsburg, Battle of, Md., 1862; Centennial celebrations, etc:

Washington County (Md.), 1860-1862

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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