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Centennial Times - February 28, 1862 - Effects of war felt here

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February 28, 1862

Effects Of War Being Felt Here

The economic effects of the war are beginning to be felt here in Washington County.

Most prices are rising, but the price of wheat, the main cash of local farmers, has not kept pace.

Not until this month did the price advance beyond $1.15 a bushel, and even now it has only risen to $1.30. And nearly the whole crop has been sold at $1.15.

During December, January and February, the Franklin Railroad carried 828,000 bushels of wheat and 40,000 barrels of flour, equivalent in all to over a million bushels.

The price of coffee and tea has risen so much that these beverages are being abandoned.

A good substitute for coffee is made by soaking rye in water until it swells, then roasting it. This rye-coffee can be improved by adding one-third real coffee. Other coffee substitutes being used' are roasted barley and finely cut sweet potatoes.

One inconvenience is the virtual disappearance of all coin. Banks are holding on to their gold dollars, and individuals are holding on to theirs. Businessmen are forced to make transactions in paper money. Silver coins are also being taken out of circulation and there is no paper substitute for them.

Rumor says that J. Dixon Roman, president of the Hagerstown Bank, is planning to take advantage of the premium being placed on gold. He is, according to these reports going to raise all the money he can command, buy foreign gold exchange on the London market, and sell it at a high profit. Roman is a member of the “Peace” party. Though he opposed secession, he now opposes coercion of the Southern states back into the Union.


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Used with permission of the Herald-Mail


Collection Location:
Hagerstown, Maryland

Original Size:
59 x 33 cms

Washington County (Md.), history; Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862; Sharpsburg, Battle of, Md., 1862; Centennial celebrations, etc:

Washington County (Md.), 1860-1862

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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