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Runaways belong to Zeller and Mitchell, 1857

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A negro man belonging to Mr. Daniel Zeller, and a negro woman belong to Mr. Alexander Mitchell, citizens of this vicinity, made their escape to Pennsylvania on Sunday night, the 5 th last. They took with them a buggy and horse of Mr. Snider, of this town, by whom they were pursued as far as Shippensburg, where he recovered his property, but could hear nothing of them.

Poor infatuated creatures! While they are thus leaving the homes of plenty to acquire nominal freedom in Pennsylvania, the citizens of that state are petitioning their Legislature for a law to prevent colored persons from other States acquiring a residence among them. As much as certain Pennsylvanians pretend to sympathise with the slave in his chains, they are unwilling either to suffer him to reside in their State, or to contribute one dollar to defray his expenses to Liberia, where he may enjoy the substance as well as the shadow of liberty. While such noble hearted men as Col. JOHN STEVENS, of Talbot County in this State, are contributing $35,000 for the express purpose of building vessels to convey negro emigrants to the coasts of Africa, the Abolitionists of Pennsylvania are stealing them from their Southern brethren and running them into Canada, where they may starve and freeze for aught they care afterwards. This is the practical difference between the demagoguism of the North and the philanthropy of the South upon the negro question, and indicates beyond mistake the direction whence the enslaved African race receive the larger measure of genuine sympathy and substantial relief.


Herald of Freedom and Torch Light


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Slaves and Free Blacks, Western Maryland

Western Maryland 1800-1864

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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