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Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, Sept 1862 (4-6B Ad: Agriculture)

Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Md., September 1862, page 4 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


WE received the first Premium at the Maryland State Fair and three first Premiums at the Frederick and Washington County Fairs.
Geiser's Patent Self-Regulating Grain Separator, Cleaner and Bagger and the Latest Improved Iron Triple Geared Horse Power. all furnished Complete on Four Wheels if desired.
The subscribers desire to call the attention of the farmers of Washington and the adjoining Counties, to their Improved Machine for the present year —
This Machine has now been before the public for six years, during which time, it has earned for itself the reputation of being the BEST Separator in use.— Several important improvements and additions have been recently attached to it, which render it still more perfect, and we take pleasure in recommending it to the public, knowing that it cannot fail to give the best satisfaction. We manufacture 4 different sizes, as follows:
No. 1.—The largest size, is eight horsepower, iron cylinder 18 inches diameter, double 8 inch Rake Cranks and Trunk 35 inches wide, with stacker delivering the Straw 30 feet beyond the feeder, and upon the stack 16 feet high, and can be easily managed either to carry the chaff with the Straw, or deliver it in a separate place if required. It bags the grain by reasonable management sufficiently clean for market, and its capacity, under ordinary circumstances is from 20 to 40 bushels per hour or from 200 to 500 bushels per day, using 8 horses and the same number of hands; but to force the work under the most favorable circumstance it will do considerably more, or with the same number of horses and less hands, it will run as much or more grain per day than any other machine now in common use, and with much more ease and agreeableness to the hands.
No. 2.—Is the same as No. 1, except something less in size and capacity ; it is from 7 to 8 horse power.— The cylinder is l6 inches diameter, double 7 inch rake crank, trunk 31 inches wide.
No. 3.—Being a little smaller than No. 1, is from 5 to 7 horse power. The cylinder 14 ½ inches in diameter, double 6 inch rake crank, trunk 31 inches wide.
No 4.— Is from 4 to 6 horse power, has a wood cylinder 12 ½ in diameter, single 6 inch rake crank, trunk 31 inches wide, delivers the straw 26 feet from the feeder, but does not carry the chaff with it as the larger sizes. Three hands can thrash, clean and bag with ordinary exertion 100 bushels per day, but with sufficient force and power in good grain, it will thrash, clean and bag about 200 bushels per day.
The prices range from $120 to $400.
Persons having good Thrashers can readily have Separators suitable to their capacity attached, at a comparatively small cost. All our machines sold under a warrantee.
We employ none but experienced hands, and use nothing but the best material, so that we are perfectly safe in warranting all our work.
Orders solicited and promptly attended to.
Also, a great variety of Agricultural Implements constantly kept on hand.
REPAIRING of all kinds of machinery done in the best manner, with dispatch and on moderate terms.
Address L. McKEE,
Hagerstown Foundry,
Stove and Agricultural Implement Depot.
May 22, 1861.


Herald of Freedom and Torch Light

Maryland Historical Society

Sept 10-24, 1862

Collection Location:
Maryland Historical Society

Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862; Maryland Campaign, 1862; Hagerstown (Md.)--Newspapers.

Washington County, MD. September 1862

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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