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  Select Collection will allow you to search just one collection or all. If you want to find all records that contain a word, for example Boonsboro, leave the collection at All. If you want to find Boonsboro just in the Bookmobile records, use the pull down and select that collection.

Search Method
Quick Query is useful for single word searches. Spoerlein typed in will find all pages that contain the word.

If you enter more than one word, for example Black Rock in the Quick Query the search engine will show you all records that contain either black or rock.

The Advanced search uses AND, OR, NOT, and exact phrase contained in quotation marks.

If you type in two words the system assumes you want both terms, that is, you want both words to be found on the same page or image. Black Rock in Advanced Search will find only the pages with both words. The words may not be together, but both will be on the page.

If you want to find the school at Black Rock, put "Black Rock" in quotes. This means the words will have to be together to be shown. Similarly, 5th Va would find all references to 5th and all references to Va. If you wanted only the 5th division from Virginia, put the "5th Va" in quotes.

If you were looking for a specific person in a specific unit you can try "14th Ga" and Smith and you will find the page with both Smith and 14th Ga on the same page. They may or may not be connected. All you can find is a page that contains both phrases.

Smith and (Ga or Va) will find all pages with Smith and either Ga or Va.

Smith not Washington would show you all references to Smith, but not those found in Washington County.

The search is case sensitive. John W. Garrett and john w. garrett will not find the same results.


Words or Phrase:

Search Method 
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