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Photographs and Prints

1936 Flood in Cumberland, Hancock and Williamsport
The 1936 flood affected much of the Eastern US including Western Maryland. This collection comprises articles from the Cumberland and Hagerstown newspapers and minutes from the county council meeting.

Allegany County African American History
A list of the historically important African American individuals, groups and organizations of Allegany and surrounding counties, created by Al Feldstein, Western Maryland historian and author.

Allegany County Campaign Buttons
Campaign buttons and election items from Allegany County, Maryland elections from 1950 to 2016, collected and researched by Al Feldstein.

Allegany County Centennial, 1889
In 1889 Allegany County celebrated the centennial of its creation with parades of school children, tradesmen and even the US President. Parachute jumps from balloons were also part of the three day event.

Allegany County Directory 1895-96
City of Cumberland and Allegany County Directory, 1895-96 published by Bell Publishers of Baltimore lists the names, occupations and residences of heads of households in Allegany County, Maryland in 1895.

Allegany County Library System, 50th anniversary, 1960-2010
July 1960 saw the establishment of the Allegany County Library System, putting the libraries in Cumberland, South Cumberland, Westernport, Frostburg, and LaVale under one system. A bookmobile was added in 1961, and the George's Creek Regional Library opened in 2001.

Allegany County Tax, 1872
The List of persons, co-partnerships and corporations assessed in the County Tax, ordered by the County Commissioners of Allegany County, Maryland, for the year 1872 includes taxes to be paid on real estate and personal property in Allegany and Garrett Counties, as it was published before Allegany County was divided.

Allegany County Women's History
A list of the historically important women of Allegany County, created by Al Feldstein, Western Maryland historian and author.

Barton Store Ledger, 1895-1897
Lists account holders and purchases – items from sugar to shingles, mittens to mackerel, hay to headache cure.

Battle of Folck's Mill, 1864
The Alleganian in 1864 reported a number of Civil War events, the Battle of Monocacy, the burning of Chambersburg, and the Battle of Folck's Mill, near Cumberland; and the passage of the Maryland Constitution, ending slavery in the state.

C&O Canal Boat Registers , 1851-1880
More than 530 canal boats which carried cargo on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal were registered between 1873 - 1876 and 1878. In 1851, 223 boats were registered. William Bauman transcribed these lists.

Cumberland Architecture
A description of the architecture of the Washington Street Historic District in Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland, written by Helene Baldwin and Joy Douglas and illustrated by John Eiser and Gary Bartik.

Cumberland, Maryland through the eyes of Herman J Miller
Herman J. Miller recalls the history of Cumberland, Maryland in an oral history project with Harry Stegmaier. The document includes photographs from the Miller collection now owned by the City of Cumberland.

Cumberland Chamber of Commerce scrapbook, 1921-1923
The scrapbook of press clippings collected by the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce gives an insight into important business and social events in 1921-1923

Frostburg United Methodist Church
Frostburg United Methodist Church celebrated its 150 anniversary in 1985. This is the history of the church and community written at that time.

Maryland Gubernatorial, Senatorial, & 6th District Campaign Buttons
Campaign buttons from Maryland gubernatorial, senatorial and Sixth Congressional district elections, collected and researched by Al Feldstein.

Mineral Resources & Manufacturing Facilities of Cumberland, 1875
The Board of Trade of the City of Cumberland published this pamphlet in 1875 on the mineral resources in the area and with maps showing connections by rail and water with all the important centres of trade.

Mining - George's Creek Coal and Iron Company, 1906-1907
George’s Creek Coal and Iron Company, based near Lonaconing, was an important part of coal mining history in Allegany County. The company’s payroll for 1906-1907 lists the miners and other workers.

Navigation on the Upper Potomac and Its Tributaries
Dan Guzy researched navigation on both branches of the Potomac River, the Shenandoah, Antietam and other tributaries from the earliest known use of the river to transport people and goods until the beginning of the construction of the C&O Canal in 1828

19th century Amusements
Allegany County Centennial Committee advertised for "ATTRACTIONS" for their 3 day event in 1889. Entertainers from the East Coast sent descriptions of their acts, services and talents.

Pennsylvania Avenue High School, Cumberland, yearbook, 1928
The 1928 Quill was the yearbook of the first graduating class of the Pennsylvania Avenue High School in South Cumberland, Allegany County.

Percy Cemetery, Frostburg
Percy Cemetery was presumably Frostburg's first public burying ground and interments began in 1839, possibly earlier. Anthony Crosby and Michael Olson have conducted extensive research on its history and included obituaries and family charts of those buried there.

Presidential campaign buttons
Campaign buttons from Presidential elections from 1896 to 2016, collected and researched by Al Feldstein.

Rosie the Riveter
Celebrations of local Rosies, the women who worked on the Home Front during World War II, were held in Washington and Allegany counties…

Enslaved and Free Blacks in Western Maryland
This collection covers newspaper advertisements of slave sales and runaways from Western Maryland, together with opinions about slavery and emancipation . Newspaper articles from Hagerstown and Cumberland 1790 to 1864 are included.

Tableland Trails, Allegany County
Tableland Trails, a history of Garrett and Allegany and neighboring counties in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, was published in the 1950s and 1960s by Felix Robinson.
Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac St
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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