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150th Anniversary of the Civil War - Hagerstown newspapers
The collection contains weekly stories from the Hagerstown newspapers from 1861-1865, telling of Civil War events in Washington County, Maryland and beyond. Not all years are covered as some newspapers did not survive.

1936 Flood in Cumberland, Hancock and Williamsport
The 1936 flood affected much of the Eastern US including Western Maryland. This collection comprises articles from the Cumberland and Hagerstown newspapers and minutes from the county council meeting.

Antietam Cemetery Payroll, 1866-1867
The payroll for the construction of the wall around Antietam National Cemetery, 1866-1867. Dr Augustin Biggs is the probable author.

Battle of Antietam - Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, September 1862
The Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, the pro Union Hagerstown newspaper, covered the story of the battle of Antietam and its aftermath in South Washington County.

Boonsboro Free Library history
The Boonsboro Free Library has deep roots in the community, with the organization in the early 1900s of the reading room of the Boonsboro Republican Club and the Washington County Free Library providing books to the residents.

John Brown in Washington County
John Brown launched his attack on the armory at Harpers Ferry from Washington County. This website documents his stay in a hotel in Hagerstown and the local newspapers response.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
The C&O Canal, 78 miles of which are located in Washington County, provided a variety of employment opportunites and a transportation corridor for the county's produce and minerals from the 1830s to 1924.

C&O Canal Boat Registers , 1851-1880
More than 530 canal boats which carried cargo on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal were registered between 1873 - 1876 and 1878. In 1851, 223 boats were registered. William Bauman transcribed these lists.

Centennial Times - Antietam Centennial, 1962
In 1962, the Hagerstown Herald and Mail papers printed a commemorative edition. This section contains articles from various historic newspapers and documents.

Illustrated Atlas of Washington County, 1877
The 1877 Illustrated Atlas of Washington County shows the landowners of many parcels of land in the county, as well as businesses.

Commercial Hotel, Boonsboro, 1887
The first hotel in Boonsboro, built in 1796 as the Eagle, later became the Commercial Hotel and then the Boone. It burned in 2008. This is the register of guests in 1887.

Elks Lodge and Henry's Theatre, Hagerstown
The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, Washington County's newest school, is located in the former Elks Hall on South Potomac Street, Hagerstown. Henry's Theatre was located there from 1931 to 1979.

The First Bookmobile - Washington County Free Library
In 1905, Mary Titcomb, the librarian of Washington County Free Library, Maryland, sent a wagon pulled by two horses, laden with 200 books, to travel the county. So began the system of rural free delivery of books.

General Russell Hartle
Russell Hartle, a Washington County, Maryland native, had a distinguished military career from 1910 to 1946. He led the first large group of American troops in Europe in WWII to Northern Ireland and served as Deputy Commander of American troops in Europe under Lt. General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Hagerstown 1911
"Hagerstown: A great manufacturing, railroad, interurban and distributing center" - the opening lines of the 1911 Story of Hagerstown.

Hagerstown Braves 1952
The 1952 Hagerstown Braves baseball team program. Includes a tribute to J. V. Jamison, Hagerstown resident and long time supporter of baseball in the region.

Hagerstown Bus Terminal
The Hagerstown Bus Terminal opening after World War II on East Antietam was a busy place, with a least four companies using its facilities.

Hagerstown City Directory, 1893
The first listing of the residents of Hagerstown includes name, address and also occupation of the populace. In addition, it records "coloreds", county officials, churches and secret societies.

Hagerstown Illustrated, 1887
Hagerstown: An Illustrated Description of the City of Hagerstown, showing its advantages as a place of residence and a location for manufactories &c., &c. by T. J. C. Williams is an industrial promotional piece for the city of Hagerstown, written in 1887.

Hagerstown photographs, 1944
During World War II, the people of Hagerstown created a postcard collection to send to the "respected sons and daughters who have left the peaceful shelter of the Maryland hills for the many hardships and dangers of war".

Hagerstown Telephone Directory, 1907
The 1500 subscribers in Hagerstown and the exchanges in Clear Spring, Hancock, Keedysville, and Smithsburg are listed. Other towns were connected by party lines.

Hays photograph collection - Hagerstown and Washington County
Photographs of Hagerstown and surrounding countryside from the 1880s to 1920s from the Hays family.

The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry, 1859
Correspondence collected by the Maryland Senate in 1860 relating to John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry includes messages from B. & O. conductors and the company president, John Garrett, Governor Wise of Virginia and Robert E. Lee, U. S. Army, Commander of forces at Harper's Ferry.

Land patents of Washington County, Maryland (1730-1830)
The land patents issued 1730 -1830, for the current Washington County. Patents, also known as land grants, are documents granting ownership rights to some previously unpatented property. A knowledge of land patents is often helpful for understanding wills and equity cases.

Marble Quarry, Washington County
The marble quarry near Rohrersville, south Washington County, was in operation from at least 1902 to 1909. This collection of photographs shows the quarrying of the stone.

Maryland Gubernatorial, Senatorial, & 6th District Campaign Buttons
Campaign buttons from Maryland gubernatorial, senatorial and Sixth Congressional district elections, collected and researched by Al Feldstein.

Presidential campaign buttons
Campaign buttons from Presidential elections from 1896 to 2016, collected and researched by Al Feldstein.

Navigation on the Upper Potomac and Its Tributaries
Dan Guzy researched navigation on both branches of the Potomac River, the Shenandoah, Antietam and other tributaries from the earliest known use of the river to transport people and goods until the beginning of the construction of the C&O Canal in 1828

Rosie the Riveter
Celebrations of local Rosies, the women who worked on the Home Front during World War II, were held in Washington and Allegany counties…

Sheriff's Records, Washington County, 1804-1806
The jail and other law enforcement records of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester, Sheriff of Washington County, Maryland, 1804-1806

Enslaved and Free Blacks in Western Maryland
This collection covers newspaper advertisements of slave sales and runaways from Western Maryland, together with opinions about slavery and emancipation . Newspaper articles from Hagerstown and Cumberland 1790 to 1864 are included.

War of 1812, Sharpsburg Militia
Several militia from Washington County were formed during the War of 1812. The muster roll from Captain John Miller's company from Sharpsburg include those who enlisted.

Washington County, 1905 -Foltz photographs
This collection of photographs of Hagerstown and Williamsport in 1905 were made available by the descendants of Madge Dornblaser Foltz and Joseph S. Foltz.

Washington County Court Records, 1778-1793
Court records for Washington County, Maryland, 1778-1793, include the names of many of the county's residents.

Washington County Jury List, 1877
The 1877 Jury List for Washington County, Maryland includes 4826 males 25 to 65 years old, who were taxable or residents of the county.

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts - History
The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown’s City Park opened its doors in 1931. This collection of photographs and documents from the Museum’s archives traces the formative years of the Museum’s remarkable history.
Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac St
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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